About Hatch A Code

Hatch-A-Code provides businesses and individuals with consulting to develop their powerful & profitable online presence in an effective way.

Since 2014, we’ve successfully helped individuals and small businesses in developing their online presence. We consult people and not only help them in developing an online presence but also guide them through their online journey and pre-plan their online success.

We understand that it’s not about a web portal rather it’s about Solutions to the problems that a person is facing with an online presence.


To help our clients with solutions for their Online Presence that generate incremental profit & also guide them in online promotions.


  1. Help businesses in setting up their profitable Online Presence
  2. Guide & help people with scalable & productive solutions
  3. Help Brands in setting up their attractive online portal


Reasearch & Analysis

We help you better understand market research & its importance. We guide on how to conduct a market research project, specifying several options that are available to you.


Instead of short-term profit we always look towards long term gains. Our mission is to create long-term sustainable solutions for our clients.

Creative and innovative solutions

To dealing with obstacles and challenges we continuously encourage creative thinking and find innovative solutions that work.

Flexibility for effective and efficient execution

Operationally we flexibly deliver best solutions to the businesses we consult & guide them on how to generate results.

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Reason Behind hatchacode

There are so many coaches and consultants helping people in boosting their online presence. Some offers free services and some charges heavily. There have to be a long term planning of how the things must go.

Most of the clients are not clear of what service they want and thus ends up with someone who convince them with their long proposals charging low costs. Instead of helping you with what you actually want, they provide you with a web portal which even may be of no use to you. Thus, putting an end to your dreams.

Instead of looking for on spot benefit plan for a long term profit and that’s what we provide in Hatch A Code consultation.

Consulting Process



Planning Work Flow


Be Clear Before Starting With Your Online Presence

Be Clear with your Business Goals

As business owner, it is very important for you to set realistic goals & review your business as a whole.

Identify your target audience

As per the current state of the economy, having a well-defined target market is more important than ever.

Be ready with an Effective Strategies

Business success doesn’t happen by accident; it requires careful planning & effective business strategies that allow you to grow your business effectively.

Identify Resources at your Disposal

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Be Consistent and Persistent

Business success is defined by persistent & consistent action of hard work and effective strategy.

5 W's To Start With

What are my Business Goals: Setting up a Goals is vital for a business to grow & achieve its objectives. Goals not only gives business a direction but also helps in measuring results.
Whom should I Target: Be clear with the market you want to target. It helps your company in developing an effective marketing communication strategies.
What should be my Strategy: Having a strategy is important as it gives business time to get a sense of how they are performing, what their capabilities are, and if these capabilities are able to help them grow.
What Resources do I have: It’s very important to understand and realize that what resources you have at your disposal and how can hey be helpful to you in growing your business.
When will I Succeed: Having success is not a matter of chance or luck. You have to be Consistent & Persistent for that.






Want an expert advice on Online Presence Development?

Book Free Consultation For Planning Your Online Presence Journey